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Know Us

 Nuramino translates to 'reassure' in lithuanian language and we try to keep this promise of reassurance by providing best quality and services to our customers.

 Nuramino is a premium designer wear brand with a sustainable approach towards fashion. The idea behind the brand is to bring the essential human connect with the surroundings. We inspire from our very environment and surroundings to create beautiful designs. We  believe in making you look great and confident everyday with our simple yet elegant design concepts that promote a sustainable living and conscious consuming. We are trying to make an healthy impact on society and environment while keeping pace with trends to bring a more inclusive culture of sustainability. 

 The concept of longevity of clothing by upcycling and conscious consuming and hence reducing the environmental impact of fashion is one of the aspect that forms the building block of this brand. In our sustainable approach by following the  longevity concept, the apparels are upcycled to be used for longer period while maintaining the style statement of these pieces. The brands sustainable approach comes from trying to have zero wastage and ethical ways to create premium lifestyle.

 We believe in conscious fashion and hence every garment is sewn after the order confirmation. This allows to bring you the fresh piece rather a stocked inventory which in turn decreases the carbon footprint by not building dead inventory.

 Our Free customization policy ensures customer satisfaction on priority. Every piece goes through different levels of technical checks to provide you the tailored fit which reduces returns and in turn the dead inventory, making it more sustainable for the environment. 

 Our most fabrics are in fine cottons and man-made fibers to give you the premium look while our design team ensures that you are trending in statement styles. The natural fibers can easily decompose unlike synthetic polyester hence reducing pollution of both land and marine life.

 We believe in co-operation and collaboration by individuals and societies to build a better world for future generations.

 We believe in simplicity. We believe in you. 

For longevity of your Nuramino apparels, please write to us at